Tim Woodard leads mediation firm

From the heart of Tennessee, Tim Woodard aids families, couples, business owners and more as they mediate a variety of pressing, important issues. Woodard is owner and senior managing partner of the Tim Woodard Mediation Firm in Morristown, Tennessee. He specializes in contractual, domestic, corporate and general litigation as well as dispute resolution, negotiation, consulting and training. His practice focuses primarily on litigation planning and strategic business with a history in business dissolutions, human resources, risk management and other areas. Tim Woodard Mediation Firm works across the legal system on local, state and federal levels with confidentiality at all times. Tim Woodard ’s skills perfectly align with his work in mediation, which is a specialized segment of law practice. Woodard is a Listed Rule 31 Mediator for the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee. He’s also significantly experienced in alternative dispute resolution, domestic law, contract law, negotiatio
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